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1) Publish Job & PostDoc Positions:

If you wish to advertise for proposal concerning:
- full-time job / part-time job
- postDoc position
- freelance job

Please send us your advertisment for positions to isanh1(at)

Among proposal:


  • PhD Scholarship - Interaction between gut microbiota & data seeds polyphenols and effets on health

United Arab Emirates University - Laboratory of Nutrition & Health

Information about the offered conditions available here

Form to complete for submission available here

For more information, please contact Carine Platat, associate professor (platatcarine(at)



2) Looking for Positions ?

If you are looking for a position or submit your candidature, please send us exactly what you are looking for and a short Cv/Resume

Please contact us to isanh1(at)

Among candidatures

  • Looking for postdoctoral positon within the field of gut microbiology - PhD student at Norwegian University of Life Sciences    

My name is Anuradha Ravi, PhD student at Norwegian University of Life Sciences. I will be submitting my Phd Thesis by end of 2016. I have good experience with wet lab and dry lab work. I am looking for postdoctoral positon within the field of gut microbiology. M. Anuradha Ravi talked about "The gut microbiota mobilome in preterm infants with and without necrotizing enterocolitis" during 4th World congress on Targeting Microbiota.

Ref: 2016-10-1